Huygen Jobsis

Huygen Jobsis

PhD candidate
Utrecht University

Huygen Jobsis



Contact information

Vening Meinesz – C. 2.08

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Key expertises

Transient absorption spectroscopy, photochemistry, X-ray diffraction, profile refinement, thin film synthesis, mechanochemical synthesis.

About me

My research project focusses on the photo-physics of perovskites and perovskite-like materials for photochemistry. With the use of different spectroscopic techniques we study the opto-electronic properties of these materials. Moreover, through the development of the synthesis of these materials we aim to control and manipulate optical properties, like the band gap energy. By gaining control over the band gap energy we can potentially design materials with suitable optical properties for a specific light source (e.g. sunlight or indoor light) and/or photochemical process (e.g. CO2 reduction, H2 formation).

About my research

Within ARC-CBBC, I wish to accomplish a better understanding of the photo-physical properties in photoactive materials. I strongly believe that developing a fundamental understanding is only possible if we approach such questions from different perspectives. Within the ARC-CBBC labs I hope to collaborate with scientists of different backgrounds and expertise to come up with new ideas and solutions. Furthermore, I think the connection of ARC-CBBC with industry is of great value, so that these new ideas can be converted into relevant technologies for society.