Imke Bartels

Imke Bartels

PhD candidate
University Groningen

Imke Bartels


Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

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Linnaeusborg 5172.0852

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Key expertises

Carbohydrates, electrochemistry

About me

I was raised in Bergen, a village close to Alkmaar, the Netherlands. I moved to Groningen where I received my BSc and MSc degrees in Chemistry with the focus on both inorganic chemistry and carbohydrates. In October 2022, I started a PhD at the University of Groningen in the group of prof. dr. ir. A.J. Minnaard within the ARC CBBC program. Besides chemical research, I enjoy playing hockey, skiing, reading and playing golf with my father.

About my research

My research aims to achieve site-selective functionalization of unprotected carbohydrates making use of electrochemical and photo-redox approaches. The selective conversion of carbohydrates is challenging, and will be addressed with photo-redox catalysis and electro synthesis, as these approaches are extremely useful for the development of new, direct and functional group compatible bond functionalization methods. Addressing selectivity issues is a major challenge in such C-H functionalization reactions where similar C-H bonds are present. Careful determination of the site- selectivity of a specific electrochemical reaction in a series of different substrates, will give insight in the mechanism of these electrochemical transformations, which will provide an in-depth understanding of the factors governing the site- selectivity in carbohydrates and thus providing guidelines for tuning of this selectivity.