Jens Tolboom

Jens Tolboom

PhD candidate
University of Amsterdam

Jens Tolboom


Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences - HIMS

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homogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis, material sciences, coatings, spectroscopy, catalyst preparation

About me

I am a curious and dedicated chemist with a broad interest. I learn every day new and amazing aspects of this science (from literature and practice). Because of my interest I educated myself broadly in chemistry but I wanted to find a more direct application of chemistry. That is why, after obtaining my master's degree Molecular Sciences, I opted for an arc cbbc project to go deeper into the application and to apply fundamental chemical principles.

About my research

In this research project, a light-activated catalyst is used to dry alkyd paints. In order to increase its activity and to broaden the application of this catalyst, adjustments are made to this catalyst based on fundamental principles of homogeneous catalysis and materials science. My personal approach to this is to make a direct change to the structure of the catalyst in order to increase its activity. I can do this by using my experience from homogeneous catalysis and coordination chemistry. I also want to use molecular photonics to increase the activity of the catalyst.