Jiaying Li

Jiaying Li

University of Twente

Jiaying Li


Membrane Surface Science

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ME317 Meander

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Key expertises

Polyelectrolyte complexation, phase transitions, waterborne coatings, film formation, gas barrier

About me

I was born and raised in Sichuan, China. After finishing my bachelor in Suzhou, I moved to Eindhoven for my master degree. From December 2018, I started my PhD project in the group of Membrane Surface Science, University of Twente.

About my research

In this project, we are studying ionic cross-linking as a new route to form recyclable waterborne coatings. We utilize polyelectrolytes, charged polymers, as our building blocks and try to bring their functionalities to bulk coatings. As one of the multilateral coating projects, we work actively with WUR, BASF, and AkzoNobel, which helps to understand and develop the project at both academic and industrial levels. We are always open to new ideas and the opportunities to expand our minds.