Johan Bootsma

Johan Bootsma

PhD candidate
University of Amsterdam

Johan Bootsma


Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences

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Organometallic synthesis, homogeneous catalysis, spectroscopy, kinetics, crosslinking of coatings

About me

During my Bachelor and Master Chemistry I developed an interest in the study (and synthesis) of compounds which are not stable towards air. Ironically, now during my PhD I make and study compounds which go into a paint can, to accelerate the paint’s curing process which requires oxygen from the air - a completely different way of thinking.

About my research

["To cure alkyd paints typically two ingredients are added: (1) an accelerator or drier, and (2) an inhibitor","the second makes sure the paint does not already cure during storage. Although in general effective, for iron-based driers this approach does not work well. In this project, we explore light-activation as a means to combine both goals in one component","in this way the iron-based accelerator remains dormant in the closed can (where it is dark). After light-activity as well as kinetic studies, we collaborated with Prof. W.R. Browne (University of Groningen) to use Raman spectroscopy for a depth-analysis of the curing process. Currently we are collaborating with Prof. M. Neidig (University of Rochester) to use M\u00f6ssbauer spectroscopy to investigate the fate of the new iron-based drier."]