Kaijian Zhu

Kaijian Zhu

PhD candidate
University of Twente

Kaijian Zhu


Faculty of Science and Technology

Contact information

Horst-Meander 147

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Key expertises

Photocatalysis, photoelectrochemistry, ultrafast spectroscopy, solar water splitting

About me

I received BSc degree from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University. And my MSc degree from the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM), Nanjing Tech University, China. After that, I started my PhD within ARC CBBC in January 2019 in the Photocatalytic Synthesis Group (PCS), University of Twente.

About my research

My research focuses on optimizing NiO to achieve highly efficient dye-sensitized photocathodes used for solar water splitting and CO2 reduction. Ultrafast spectroscopies are used to understand the fundamental charge transfer dynamics. The surface of transition metal oxides, such as NiO, is complicated but plays a crucial role in mediating the charge transfer and improving performance. I hope my research can gain a deeper understanding of the NiO surface and provide guidance for the design of photoelectrodes.