Kristiaan Helfferich

Kristiaan Helfferich

PhD candidate
Utrecht University

Kristiaan Helfferich


Materials Chemistry & Catalysis

Contact information

4th floor open office, David de Wied building

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Key expertises

heterogeneous catalysis, catalyst preparation, bimetallic catalysts, transmission electron microscopy

About me

I’m a passionate researcher, enjoying the field of catalyst preparation and characterization with electron microscopy. In my free time I enjoy doing sports such as windsurfing, cycling, running and squash.

About my research

In my project I try to improve bimetallic catalysts preparation. Often I synthesize catalysts to subsequently study them with transmission electron microscopy.

I enjoy working together, whether collaborating with a fellow researcher or in supervision of students. Through my research I hope to contribute to a more sustainable chemical industry by producing more efficient catalysts.