Linda Eijsink

University of Groningen

About myself

I grew up in Dalfsen, a village close to Zwolle in the east of the Netherlands. I moved to Groningen at the age of 18 for my BSc and MSc in Chemistry. After two research stays in Germany (Göttingen and Rostock) and an internship at AkzoNobel I started my PhD project in Groningen within the ARC-CBBC in January 2018. I enjoy sports such as handball, speedskating and cycling, cooking, reading and discovering new music.

As a researcher I am passionate about

Curiosity has always been my main driving force. I like solving puzzles and chemical puzzles are no exception. Why does a system work the way it does? What is the role of all its components? I feel that understanding opens up the way for improvement of a system. There is no need to navigate in the dark if the light switch is nearby.

At the moment I work on

I watch paint dry, which is not boring at all! The ultimate goal is to find a catalyst replacement for vinylester-styrene coatings, but I quickly discovered that all components in the paint are intertwined. The first step was to find a way to look at the process. Several (spectroscopic) techniques were developed. These are now used to look at the performance of alternative catalysts. I also study the function of the current catalyst and the interplay with the other ingredients of the resin.

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish

It would be great to find an alternative catalyst for the vinylester-styrene resins, but a better understanding will already be very helpful to improve the current system. The projects within the ARC-CBBC are great examples of how fundamental research can aid in solving societal challenges. I think I can contribute to that!