Lotte Metz

Lotte Metz

University of Amsterdam

Lotte Metz


Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired Catalysis

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Science park 904 Amsterdam E1.05

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Key expertises

Nanoparticles – supramolecular chemistry – self-assembly – heterogeneous catalysis – catalyst synthesis

About me

After high school, I moved to Utrecht to study chemistry at the university of Applied sciences in Utrecht, and continued at the University of Amsterdam to follow the masters track Molecular design, synthesis and catalysis. Following this, I started working at Avantium working on electrocatalytic conversion of renewable feedstocks. After a bit more than a year, I felt drawn back to academic research. I like watersports, reading, singing, baking and listening to all sorts of music.

About my research

I started within CBBC as a PhD candidate in November 2018, under the supervision of prof. Joost Reek (UvA) to investigate novel ways for preparing nanoparticles with high precision, by exploring supramolecular self-assembly strategies. The size, structure and composition are essential to the characteristics of nanoparticles. However, common particle synthesis methods generally result in a statistical mixture of different sizes. For this reason, the goal of this project is to synthesize a ‘molecular mold’, which can facilitate precise control on particle formation, so we can find out which particle size performs best. What drives me in doing research, is constantly learning something new. Even experiments that did not turn out as you hoped can still be great fun, if you can find out exactly what happened. This is also why this project excites me a lot, it embodies many disciplines.