Maartje Otten

Maartje Otten

PhD candidate
University of Utrecht

Maartje Otten


Organic Chemistry and Catalysis

Contact information

David de Wied Building – 5th floor open office

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Key expertises

Homogeneous Catalysis, Polymer Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry

About me

I was born and raised near Breda in the south of The Netherlands. I received my BSc degree in Chemical Product Innovation at Avans University of Applied Sciences whereafter I continued my studies at Utrecht University where received my MSc degree in Nanomaterials Science. In October 2021, I started my PhD as an ARC CBBC member in the Organic Chemistry and Catalysis group at Utrecht University. I like to play field hockey and squash, watch Formula 1, and go on road/city trips.

About my research

My research focusses on novel pathways and related catalytic materials for upcycling of polyolefins. We are developing a homogeneous catalytic approach to incorporate functional groups on the polymer backbone and explore new material properties of upcycled polyolefins. The introduced functionalities can thereafter for example be used to create new polymeric products that cannot be obtained from other resources, or they can be used as handles for recycling.