Martijn de Heer Kloots

Martijn de Heer Kloots

PhD candidate
Wageningen University and Research

Martijn de Heer Kloots


Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter

Contact information

Helix (building number 124), room 7061

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Key expertises

Polyelectrolytes, waterborne coatings, phase separation, spectroscopy, microscopy

About me

Hi! My name is Martijn and I was raised in the village of Holten (Overijssel, the Netherlands). Early on, I had an affinity for chemistry, especially combined with biology and physics, prompting me to study Molecular Life Sciences (BSc & MSc, focus on physical chemistry) in Wageningen. During my studies, I became increasingly interested in materials science and spectroscopy, finishing my MSc with a thesis on dynamic covalent polyimine materials. In September 2022, I started my PhD in Wageningen.

About my research

My research is focused around the single-step formation of dense polyelectrolyte coatings from a homogeneous solution, by changing the pH through the evaporation of a volatile base. Specifically, I aim to instill functionality in these coatings in order to obtain multifunctional coatings. One of the things I love about this project is that it requires highly diverse approaches. For example, it is imperative to assess the homogeneity of the coating, mechanical properties, drying dynamics and functionality. This variety and multidisciplinary approach resonates strongly with me, and the bigger picture of the transition towards future-proof and green materials excites me greatly.