Marzio Saccinto

Marzio Saccinto

PhD candidate
University of Twente

Marzio Saccinto



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Key expertises

Photocatalysis, inorganic membranes, reactor design, material characterization, organic compounds analysis.

About me

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Industrial chemistry at the University of Insubria, Italy.

Then I moved to the University of Parma (also Italy) to pursue a master’s degree in Industrial chemistry. During my master’s degree, I participated in the Erasmus SMT program for my thesis project at the University of Twente. During that period I investigated the role of 2D functionalized nanomaterials acting as a straitjacket and avoid the infection of the influenza virus with our cells.

About my research

In my project, a novel concept for the purification of extensive amounts of contaminated wastewater will be developed by combining ultra or nanofiltration membrane with photocatalyst. Many challenges need to be overcome to see the application of these technologies in industries. To achieve the goals of this project is necessary to optimize different parameters like the design of the reactor and the membrane and, a better understanding of substrate-specific oxidation processes and their side products.