Mathieu Lepage

Mathieu Lepage

Postdoctoral researcher
University of Groningen

Mathieu Lepage


Stratingh Institute

Contact information

Linnaeusborg 5172.0935 (office) / 5172.0932 (lab)

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Key expertises

Organic and polymer synthesis, photocatalysis, crosslinking, flow chemistry, process development.

About me

I grew up near the small town of Laval in the west of France, and was passionate about science and chemistry from a young age. I studied up to PhD in Strasbourg (France), then went to live in British Columbia (Canada) for a couple years before eventually landing in Groningen. I cultivate a diversified culture in Chemistry, allowing me to bring multiple expertises to tackle modern problems. On the private side, I am a curious person always interested in discovering a new place or a new culture.

About my research

In partnership with AkzoNobel, I am working to develop bio-based polymers that are able to replace common polyacrylates in the coatings and paint industry. To this aim, we use oxygen and light to convert furfural –a platform chemical extracted from waste biomass– into a useful building block. In this project, I bring together my double expertise in organic synthesis (small molecules) and polymer manufacturing (large molecules). Understanding the microscopic chemical processes that govern the macroscopic material properties is key in the design of high-performance materials made from bio-based feedstock. Implementing these new technologies in paints and coatings, ubiquitous in our daily lives, will have a tremendous impact and help us to succeed in the current transition.