Maurits de Roo

Maurits de Roo

PhD candidate
University of Groningen

Maurits de Roo


Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

Contact information

["Nijenborgh 4 9747 AG Groningen","Office 5116.0031 (Nijenborgh Building)"]

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Key expertises

Spectroscopy, electrochemistry, reaction monitoring, mechanisms, homogeneous catalysis.

About me

From 2014-2021, I have studied chemistry and chemical engineering (Bachelors and Masters) at the university of Groningen. In the end I have decided that I want to be a chemist, but I do appreciate the engineering that is intertwined with it. I chose to do a PhD at the University of Groningen and in cooperation with ARC CBBC, I can now apply my engineering skills on chemical research. Apart from my university life, I enjoy playing trumpet in an orchestra in Groningen and I play tennis at an association.

About my research

Development of electrochemical methodologies for direct selective oxidation and/or for generation of the essential oxidizing agents for in situ use in a range of catalytic processes is the challenge in this research project. In situ spectroscopic characterization will be employed to study the reactive species formed in iron and nickel catalyzed oxidation reactions and operando spectroscopy to facilitate reactor design. I enjoy working with spectro-electrochemical techniques, because I am eager to know how the electrode processes exactly work. In my opinion, this fundamental research into electrochemistry is needed for future application of electrochemical processes in industry.