Morteza Hadian

Morteza Hadian

Eindhoven University of Technology

Morteza Hadian


Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Contact information

Helix (building 14) – room STW 0.27

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Key expertises

Multiphase reactor modeling, reactor engineering, CO2-free Hydrogen production, Process engineering

About me

I grew up in my home town, Tabas (Iran), until the age of 18. I earned my BSc and MSc in chemical engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. I started as an ARC-CBBC member in early 2019. Football (both playing and watching), photography, adventurous cycling, travel and technology are my biggest interests.

About my research

Currently, I am working on the catalytic decomposition of methane. Within this process, methane with the help of solid catalysts converts to hydrogen, which is a clean fuel, and nanocarbon materials, which are valuable materials with many applications, without emitting CO2. This is a very complex and hard to design process and my role is perform an experimental proof of concept in a fluidized bed and multiscale modeling of the process. The outcome of this process will make this technology one step closer to be used by industries. The final goal is to make non-pollutant hydrogen fuel, and light and strong building materials to be used for instance in vehicles. My project is closely coupled with the projects of Suzan Schoemaker and Tom Welling.