Panji Baskara Tamarona

Panji Baskara Tamarona

PhD candidate
Technical University Delft

Panji Baskara Tamarona


Process & Energy

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Process design and modelling, Heat integration, Preliminary equipment design, Techno-economic analysis, Life-cycle assessment

About me

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I received my BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung. With a scholarship award from the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education, I pursued a master’s degree at TU Delft. My master thesis focuses on the process modelling and techno-economic analysis of hydrogen liquefaction. In March 2024, I joined TU Delft's Engineering Thermodynamics Research Group as a PhD candidate. During my free time I enjoy playing tennis and board games.

About my research

My research delves into the techno-economic analysis and life-cycle assessments of methane pyrolysis (MP), a process yielding COx-free hydrogen and advanced carbons from methane decomposition. Despite its potential, few studies address its economic and environmental evaluation, motivating my goal of conducting a comprehensive assessment of the process at an industrial scale. This involves designing the conceptual plant, including upstream and downstream separation processes, incorporating heat integration and optimization strategies. The modeled plant will the basis for estimating capital and operating costs alongside the CO2 intensity of the MP supply chain, aiming to provide insights into its feasibility and sustainability in the energy landscape.