Rafael G. Mendes

Rafael G. Mendes

Postdoctoral researcher
Utrecht University

Rafael G. Mendes


Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science / Soft Condensed Matter & Biophysics group

Contact information

Leonard S. Ornstein Laboratory – office 1.05

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Key expertises

transmission electron microscopy, two-dimensional materials, heterogeneous catalysts, hydrotreating catalysts

About me

Rafael G. Mendes (38 y/o) was born in Barueri, in Brazil, but has been living in Germany for many years. Before he moved to the Netherlands, he lived in Dresden for over 15 years and worked at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, where he specialized in the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials using transmission electron microscopy. Apart from imaging atoms at work, he enjoys reading books, watching sci-fi series, traveling, and playing hockey.

About my research

I will be working for two years as a postdoctoral researcher in the bilateral research program between the Utrecht University and Shell. In this project, the main goal is to characterize hydrotreating catalysts, which are an example of heterogeneous catalysts with an exceptionally complex structure at multiple length scales. The catalysts are composed of a mixed-metal (e.g. Ni/Mo, Co/Mo, Ni/W, Co/W) sulphide phase supported on a porous oxide support (e.g. alumina). This work aims at characterizing NiMoS slabs near atomic resolution in 3D using TEM and their interaction with the alumina support and determining the relative position of Ni and Mo atoms by combining structural and analytical techniques available in TEM.