Rens Kamphorst

Rens Kamphorst

PhD candidate
Technical University Delft

Rens Kamphorst


Chemical Engineering – Product and Process Engineering

Contact information

Applied Science – 2E.480

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Key expertises

Fluidization, atomic layer deposition, particle technology, stability of dispersions

About me

Before starting my PhD in Delft, I studied Chemical Engineering in Rotterdam (BSc) and later in Delft (MSc). I grew up in the small village Oostvoorne (Netherlands), which is near the coast. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, watching movies and sailing.

About my research

The project I am involved in is about depositing nano-coatings on particles. We do this in order to change the surface properties of the particles, without affecting the bulk properties. This means that we can, for instance, change the stability of a particle in water. The coatings are applied by a method called ‘atomic layer deposition’. In the project I try to collaborate with colleagues, both of the TUD and from outside, to gain as much knowledge on methods and techniques and a fresh perspective on science as a whole.