Rohit B Raj

Rohit B Raj

PhD candidate

Rohit B Raj


Sustainable Energy materials

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AMOLF – Room number 2.53

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Key expertises

Plasmonics, photocatalysis, spectroscopy, single-particle studies, CO2 reduction

About me

I am from India. I received my BS-MS degree from IISER Pune. On learning about Plasmonics, while an undergrad at IISER Pune, I was plagued by many fundamental questions about the decay pathways. This inspired me to pursue my MS in Plasmonic catalysis. The inherently collaborative and intellectually involved nature of scientific pursuit motivated me to pursue a PhD. Apart from science, I love to travel, meet people, try new cuisines, work out, and dance!!

About my research

During my PhD, our goal is to use different plasmonic materials and use gap plasmon resonances to create an energy selective plasmonic reactor for CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR). I intend to explore the nanoparticle on mirror geometry (NPoM) to gain insights into the intermediates formed during CO2RR. We plan to tune the gap plasmon to specifically bind certain intermediates to get specific products, ultimately achieving product selectivity. The learnings from single-particle studies will be then used in catalytic reactors to achieve product selectivity in bulk scale CO2 reduction. The success of this project will take us a step closer to using CO2 as feedstock for fuels and achieving a circular economy.