Ruben Andringa

Ruben Andringa

Postdoctoral researcher
University of Groningen

Ruben Andringa


Chemical Biology

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Total synthesis, photocatalysis, homogeneous catalysis, glycosides, natural product synthesis

About me

I was born in 1990 in Usquert, a small village in the north of Groningen. I am a synthetic organic chemistr by training and I am very interested in the fields of total synthesis and catalysis. The synthesis of new complex molecules, or finding different methods towards important molecules is important and very exiting. My other passion next to chemistry is kitesurfing, if I am not on the lab I am on the water trying to fly as high as I can.

About my research

My research focuses on finding novel methods for the functionalization of sugars, with the end goal to find a green and sustainable method modify and process cellulose. Currently we are working on finding photocatalytic methods to couple new functional groups on sugars.