Sofie Ferwerda

Sofie Ferwerda

PhD candidate
Utrecht University

Sofie Ferwerda


Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

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Vening Meinesz C building

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Key expertises

CO2 valorization, heterogeneous catalysis, operando spectroscopy, catalyst deactivation.

About me

I was born and raised on the island Curaçao, and when I was 17 after I moved to the Netherlands. I completed both my Bachelor in Chemistry and my Master in Nanomaterials science at Utrecht University. Although I’ll never get used to the Dutch weather, I decided to stay another 4 years here for my PhD!

About my research

Dry methane reforming (DMR, CH4 + CO2  2 CO + 2 H¬2) provides a way to convert two major greenhouse gases for the production of synthesis gas. The Ni-based catalysts typically used often suffer from rapid catalyst deactivation due to carbon formation. By gaining new insights into the coking mechanism and structure-performance relationships, with operando spectroscopy and microscopy, we hope to improve catalyst synthesis via rational catalyst design.