Stefan Bouts

Stefan Bouts

PhD candidate
Eindhoven University of Technology

Stefan Bouts


Chemical Engineering and Chemistry – Inorganic Materials and Catalysis

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Helix, STW 3.26

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Key expertises

Mossbauer spectroscopy, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, cobalt, heterogeneous catalysis

About me

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and spend most of my time near Rotterdam. I completed my applied science bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. After this and a short pre-master I successfully obtained my MSc in Nanomaterial Science from Utrecht University. Throughout my studies I had the opportunities to do various internships, which fueled my desire to pursue an industry relevant PhD in catalysis. This journey led me to join the Inorganic Material Catalysis group at TU/e.

About my research

My project aims to understand why cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts lose activity during real-world use. We will use Mössbauer emission spectroscopy and magnetic measurements to monitor changes in the cobalt phase and oxidation state over time, focusing on high water partial pressure conditions. The research will also address catalyst deactivation due to water generated at high CO conversion and explore methods to prevent it. Using this as our core research we will also implement state of the art measurement devices available at the TU/e to build a true understanding of the cobalt deactivation. With this understanding we hope to ensure an energy secure, carbon-neutral future powered by renewable energy sources.