Sterre Bakker

Sterre Bakker

PhD candidate
Eindhoven University of Technology

Sterre Bakker


Stimuli-responsive functional materials & devices

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Helix STO 0.28

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Key expertises

Waterborne coatings, paperboard, barrier, food packaging

About me

In 2013, I started my bachelor Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the TU/e and I finished the master Chemical Engineering in 2018, with a specialization in material science. After my master graduation project, I moved to Sweden to do an industrial internship at AkzoNobel in Malmö. After obtaining my MSc degree, I returned to the TU/e for her doctoral research in December 2018. Besides working in the lab, I like to read, play board games with friends and improve my photographical skills.

About my research

Paperboard packaging is environmentally friendly replacement for plastic food packaging, however, the disadvantage it its poor barrier properties. Therefore, my research focusing on barrier performance of waterborne coatings applied on paperboard. The waterborne coating is prepared by emulsion polymerization using an alkali-soluble resin as stabilizer. The projects aims to understand the mechanism for obtaining a good barrier coating for various substances, such as water, oil and various gasses.