Sterre Bakker

PhD candidate
Eindhoven University of Technology

About myself

I was born and raised in Tilburg. In 2013, I started my bachelor Chemical Engineering at the TU/e and I finished the master Chemical Engineering in 2018, with a specialization in material science. I decided to stay for four more years in Eindhoven, since I started my PhD research in December 2018. Besides working in the lab, I like to read, play board games with friends and improve my photographic skills.

As a researcher, I am passionate about

I am passionate about to get a better understanding of the materials we use every day. Especially, coatings have my interest, which are used to cover all kind of materials to protect, functionalize or give the material color. The coating industry is a complex world, where a lot of room for improvement is possible. This is the reason why I would like to explore this field.

At the moment I work on

The final goal of the project is to develop a waterborne coating with tunable barrier properties. This coating will be mainly used in the food packaging industry to enhance the barriers of the existing coating on a package. The coating should also improve the recyclability of the package. This project is in close collaboration between BASF Heerenveen and TU/e. BASF is specialized in coatings and the TU/e in stimuli-responsive materials.

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish

I hope to become an expert in coating technology and that my research contributes to the knowledge of barrier coatings. At one day, a waterborne coating is developed based on my results, which successfully protect the food inside the package. Hopefully, this leads to a reduction of spoiled food and packaging waste.