Suzan Schoemaker

PhD candidate
Utrecht University

About myself  

I was born in Zwolle, which is a city in the east of the Netherlands. After finishing high school, I moved to Utrecht to start my bachelors in Chemistry at Utrecht University. After that, I did the master Analytical Chemistry at the UvA/VU.  In my spare time, I like to play tennis, go for walks and play with my parents’ dog.

 As a researcher I am passionate about 

As a researcher you have the opportunity to transfer your knowledge into solutions for the current problems we have in the world. Working together with other scientists, you are able to make materials more sustainable and convert greenhouses gasses into useful products.  

At the moment I work on

The aim of my PhD-project is to design of bimetallic catalysts for the decomposition of methane into hydrogen while growing carbon nanomaterials. Although methane is currently a very low-cost and abundant feedstock, using it directly as a fuel is often unwanted due to the associated CO2 emissions. Decomposition into renewable hydrogen (which can be used as a clean fuel itself) and valuable carbon materials could be an interesting alternative. We would like to understand the influence of the composition, particle size, surface properties, morphology and initial spatial distribution of the catalyst on the growth of the carbon nanostructures to tune structure of the end-product, their density and mechanical properties. 

 Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish 

I hope that this project will give more insight in the catalytic decomposition of natural gas. This reaction allows a green way to produce hydrogen. A greenhouse gas, methane, is converted into two valuable products. Hopefully, the knowledge that we gain, in cooperation with the TU/e, will lead to large scale applications in industry. As the project is a collaboration with SHELL and BAS-F, we have the possibility to present our findings directly to the industry companies.