Sven Weerdenburg

Sven Weerdenburg

PhD candidate
Delft University of Technology

Sven Weerdenburg


Chemical Engineering / Catalysis Engineering

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Applied Sciences (B58) - E2.240

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Key expertises

CO2 hydrogenation, plasmonics, photocatalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, spectroscopy

About me

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Science & Technology at Delft University of Technology and Leiden University, and then continued with the master Chemical Engineering in Delft. As of September 2022, I am a PhD candidate in the group of Monique van der Veen in the Catalysis Engineering section. Outside of work I like to go swimming, running and travelling.

About my research

My research is focused on plasmonic catalysts for light-driven CO2 hydrogenation. The aim is to find the optimal combination of catalytic material for efficient CO2 conversion. With ultrafast spectroscopy in the visible and infrared spectral region we will monitor charge carrier dynamics and the formation of products and reaction intermediates. We aim to use this technique to distinguish the hot electron effects from the photothermal effects and to unravel the reaction mechanisms. This valuable information could help us to develop better photocatalysts which would bring us a step closer to sustainable CO2 hydrogenation.