Tizian-Frank Ramspoth

Tizian-Frank Ramspoth

PhD candidate
University of Groningen

Tizian-Frank Ramspoth


Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

Contact information

Nijenborgh 4, 5114.02.16

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Key expertises

Homogeneous catalysis, Cooperative catalysis , Bimetallic catalysis, Mechanistic studies, Screening design

About me

My Name is Tizian-Frank Ramspoth, I studied chemistry at the University of Bielefeld in Germany, where I received my Master’s degree in 2019. I joined the ARC CBBC PhD Program within the same year at the University of Groningen in the Group of Professor Harutyunyan, with the focus on catalyst development for crosslinkable coatings.

About my research

My research aims at the development of new catalysts for epoxy-carboxylic acid-crosslinkable coatings. We employ strategies derived from Lewis- acid/base catalysis, organocatalysis and organometallic complex development in order to increase effectivity and sustainability of the crosslinking process between functional materials which contain epoxide- and carboxylic acid moieties.