Victor Drozhzhin

Victor Drozhzhin

PhD candidate
Eindhoven University of Technology

Victor Drozhzhin


Chemical engineering and chemistry

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Helix, STW 3.25

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Key expertises

Polymer Chemistry, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Zeolites, Spectroscopy, Catalyst preparation

About me

I was born in Ryazan, Russia. I am an enthusiastic young man interested in chemical engineering and chemistry. In October 2021 I started as a PhD candidate in the Inorganic Materials and Catalysis (IMC) group at the TU/e.

About my research

My research focuses on polymer recycling which is one of the most challenging task of our society. In particular, I am working with polyolefins representing nowadays the largest share of all plastics. We are working on the development of catalytic system for conversion of polyolefins to chemical building blocks.