Wesley Browne

Professor of Molecular inorganic chemistry
University of Groningen

Within ARC CBBC, I wish to accomplish…

My primary motivation is to engage with new industrial partners to gain insight into contemporary challenges and to contribute towards their solution, especially in terms of fundamental insight into processes and developing advanced approaches to studying reactions and processes. The opportunities the center presents to train students and postdocs to engage in fundamental curiosty driven research but also experience the demands of industrial research are unmissable. My aim as member is to build lasting industrial collaborations and bring to bare my expertise to crack the chemical industry’s toughest scientific challenges.

In my scientific career, I am most proud of…

The discovery of fundamentally new catalytic methods for selective oxidative transformations and the elucidation of the mechanisms involved. My ethos is to focus on environmentally benign and cost effective methods based on 1st row transition metals and hydrogen peroxide and to deploy a wide range of spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques to understand the mechanisms involved in these transformations, which provides an excellent basis for collaboration and inspiring students and postdocs.

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