Xinwei Ye

Xinwei Ye

Postdoctoral researcher
Utrecht University

Xinwei Ye


Department of Chemistry

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David de Wied building 4.76

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Key expertises

heterogeneous catalysis, spectroscopy, zeolites

About me

I am from Guangzhou, China. After getting my bachelor’s degree in chemistry, I started my PhD in Physical Chemistry in Nankai University with a Direct PhD program in September 2015. Since October 2017, I joined the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis (ICC) group in Utrecht University through the joint PhD program. I started my postdoctoral experience in ICC in July 2022.

About my research

The aim of my research is to deliver a new cost-effective approach for making sustainable Narrow Range Ethoxylates (NRE) from fatty alcohols and ethylene oxide that can be implemented in existing production plants preferably with limited capital investments. A wide range of solid bases catalysts will be explored for green ethoxylates production without the formation of dioxane.