3DnanoCatEvolution Resolving nanoscale evolution of heterogeneous catalysts

The proposed research addresses fundamentals of catalyst preparation, which are broadly applied in chemical industry to convert various types of feedstock into chemical building blocks

Supported metal and metal oxide catalysts comprise the most important class of heterogeneous catalysts in industrial practice. The project addresses a key step in catalyst preparation, namely impregnation, during which the metal precursor is brought into the porous structure. The unprecedent insight obtained by visualizing the pore texture in 2D and 3D during the infiltration and subsequent drying process and associated migration of metal precursor can lead to improved catalysts (e.g., improved pore design, optimization impregnation). Using a range of relevant supports with heterogeneities in terms of pore texture associated with industrial preparation further increases the impact of this approach. As such, the project addresses the key “fundamentals of catalysis” addressed by the ARC CBBC.