Supramolecular photo-redox catalysis for selective functionalization

Supramolecular Preorganization in Photo-redox Catalysis. In this project we aim to induce selectivity in photoredox catalysis by utilizing supramolecular chemistry.

Photoredox catalysis has become an attractive methodology for organic synthesis, which can be utilized to shorten multi-step syntheses and reduce their environmental impact. However, obtaining products selectively is difficult due to the radical-type intermediates generated by the photoredox catalysts. Supramolecular cages are an attractive way to pre-organize substrates in a specific conformation, leading to increased reactivity and selectivity. The research question is if photoactive supramolecular cages can enhance the reactivity and selectivity of photoredox transformations. Several photoactive cages will be investigated by a range of spectroscopic techniques also during photoredox catalysis. To comprehend the phenomena that play a crucial role during supramolecular photoredox catalysis, both the thermodynamic and photophysical properties will be studied. The insight can be used to develop more efficient catalytic systems for photochemical transformations.