Research themes

Our academic experts are working on three research themes: Energy carriers, Functional materials & specialties and Coatings. In each theme, there are different types of projects.

Functional materials & specialties

Responsible use of material resources means that by-products from chemical production processes should be considered as useful reactants for the production of new chemicals. Furthermore, smart hybrid materials will enable us to lower our ecological footprints today and in the future.

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Coatings are one of the pillars of ARC CBBC: the consortium has the intention to enable a ‘greener’ approach to the design and manufacturing of paints and coatings, thereby aiming for a more sustainable future. By rethinking the way chemical building blocks could be applied in future coatings, we will explore new chemistry for the purpose of product enhancement.

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Energy carriers

A clean, sustainable and steady energy supply for next generations will require the development of novel chemical building blocks and materials that provide efficient and safe energy storage solutions. ARC CBBC is exploring the development of such energy carriers, as well as the conversion technology to enable their production processes.

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Programme directors

Ben Feringa

Professor of Organic chemistry and molecular sciences
University of Groningen

Bert Weckhuysen

Professor of Inorganic chemistry and catalysis
Utrecht University

Hans Kuipers

Professor of Multi-scale modelling of multiphase flows
Eindhoven University of Technology