Workshop Sustainable Research Practices

With our research, we all aim to make the world a better and more sustainable place. But have you ever considered that your own research practices contribute to pollution and the climate crisis? Join this workshop to learn more about simple steps you can implement tomorrow to make your own research more sustainable without compromising on safety and efficiency. During this workshop-style afternoon, we will discuss most recent evidence-based measures to reduce waste, energy-consumption, and improve research reproducibility. In a lab walk-through, we will train our eyes on how make small tweaks to save a lot of energy and costs.

Thomas Freese and Michael Lerch (RUG) have been working on making their research process more sustainable for quite a while, and they will be your hosts during this workshop. Not only have they made the change in their own labs, they also published on the environmental impact of the life of a researcher, as well as what we can do to reduce this environmental impact. Read more about this in this recent news item!

At the end of this afternoon, you will also have developed simple check-lists, information material and standard operating procedures that you can directly implement in your own lab.

Date: Monday October 28, 2024
Time: 13.00 - 17.00 hr.
Cost: free
Location: David de Wied Building, room M.101 Utrecht Science Park
Max: 25 participants

Only for ARC CBBC PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers

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