Catalyst synthesis studied in real-time with spatially resolved TEM and EDX

In my project, I study the preparation of bimetallic catalysts using impregnation. Electron microscopy is the core characterization technique used to study the evolution of metal precursors to the final metal nanoparticles. Finally, the bimetallic catalysts are tested for their performance in selective hydrogenation reactions.

Selective hydrogenation reactions are important for the production of both bulk and fine chemicals. Bimetallic catalysts show improved selectivity compared to monometallic catalysts. However, it is difficult to produce bimetallic nanoparticles using industrially relevant preparation techniques. Thus in this project we investigate the preparation of uniform bimetallic nanoparticles. Thereby specific emphasis is placed on using electron microscopy to study the distribution of metals over the support material. Probing the catalysts for selective hydrogenation conditions will demonstrate the efficacy of catalyst preparation. These results may further our understanding of bimetallic catalyst preparation and thus the more efficient production of chemicals in the future.