Catalytically Active Coatings for the Removal of Indoor Pollutants

In this bilateral project, we aim to develop novel conversion pathways and related catalytic materials to remove various harmful and unpleasant odorous substances from indoor environments. This will be done by photocatalytic degradation of these chemical compounds, ensuring a long-lasting effect of the purifying capacity

Photocatalytically active materials will be developed, following up on state-of-the-art photocatalytic systems. The focus will be on nanostructured perovskites as well as on metal oxide-functionalized zeolite thin-films. The most promising systems will be incorporated in paint systems. The resulting functional paints will be tested for their activity in air purification, and their performance will be optimized by careful paint formulation. Special attention will be given to the detection of various relevant target molecules at realistic concentrations (down to ppb levels) by the development and use of advanced analytical methods in specially designed testing units for coating evaluation. The focus will also be on the activation of the catalyst materials by modern, indoor lighting (e.g., LED illumination including wavelengths in the near UV range (>380 nm)) varying in their wavelength and intensity.