Perovskite crystallization for stable and large-scale printable solar cells

The project aims at obtaining fundamental insights in the processes that govern perovskite thin film formation and crystallization for photovoltaic applications

Crystallite size, crystallite orientation, surface coverage, surface roughness and interaction with the receiving surface are crucial parameters that determine the solar cell performance. Using a range of in-situ spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction techniques the mechanisms and kinetics of crystallization of organometal perovskite layers will be investigated in real time during film formation. The effects of the choice of precursors, solvents, additives, ambient atmosphere, annealing temperature, and substrate surfaces on film formation will be studied for one-step and two-step deposition protocols. By combining different processing methods with in-situ studies we will obtain new insights in how these polycrystalline thin films are formed. This will provide guidelines to develop large scale and fast roll-to-roll printing processes for this promising new energy technology.