Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Production through Photocatalytic Splitting of Water

In line with the main mission of ARC CBBC to develop sustainable chemical processes for the future, new and innovative approaches to low cost and scalable production of key building blocks using benign technologies is one of the pillars of the ARC CBBC

In this project catalytic strategies for the production of H2 and H2O2, from water using light-energy, are investigated, while taking on the challenge to directly convert O2 in the photocatalytic H2O splitting process into a highly valuable base chemical, besides common H2 production. Knowledge on production, handling and processing of H2 and H2O2 is guaranteed by the involvement of Shell in this project. Knowledge of and hands-on expertise in catalysis, design of robust nanostructured multifunctional materials/systems, photochemistry, redox processes and advanced spectroscopy is a requirement for a successful execution of this multifaceted project, and we will build on the current programs in our groups covering these knowledge areas (vide infra), ongoing CBBC cooperation and the particular expertise of the Principal Investigators (PI’s) of this ARC CBBC project and team members. Ultimately, the perspective is the realisation of a waste free proof-of-concept lab scale process for production of hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide using water and light only.