Structure Sensitivity of Hydrogenation Catalysis over Small Nickel Metal Nanoparticles

The research on hydrogenation catalysis over small nickel nanoparticles is a typical example of small molecule activation, in which e.g. CH4 and CO2 are used as feedstock molecules for the production of important base chemicals making use of renewable hydrogen

This ambition is in the core of one of the ARC CBBC themes, namely small molecule activation, aiming for developing new or improved chemical technologies for creating a more sustainable future. Furthermore, an important toolbox for catalyst research will be expanded and strengthened by further exploring the characterization methods of time-resolved operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy & infrared spectroscopy and in-situ X-ray & electron microscopy thereby positively contributing to the ARC CBBC pillars of functional materials (i.e., solid catalysts) as well as fundamentals of catalysis (new insights in small molecule activation processes).