Styrene-free Vinylester Ene-monomer Curing Technology

Current vinylester based coatings employ styrene to achieve the desired balance of viscosity and final coating properties. The drive towards sustainablity and minimising environmental impact stimulates the replacement of potentially harmful components, namely styrene, with more benign co-monomers that can be derived from renewable feedstocks

Existing coating formulations are optimised towards the use of cobalt and there is an additional desire to move away from the use of this metal. Therefore, this bilateral project will focus on iron based catalysts to ensure that the monomers are selected to be optimised from the outset with the next generation of curing catalysts. The scientific ambition of this project is to understand and match the reactivity of monomers through kinetic analysis with spectroscopy methods. This knowledge will enable creation of the next generation of styrene and cobalt free performance coatings.