Tandem dehydrogenation-metathesis of polyethylene with short-chain substrates to a liquid feedstock

The project aims to develop tandem catalytic system for upgrading polyolefins to value-added chemicals based on bifunctional dehydrogenation-metathesis chemistry.

Polyolefins, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, represent the largest segment of plastic production, and they account for over half of the waste by weight. One of the major challenges is developing catalytic processes for upgrading polyolefins into value-added chemicals. Nowadays, chemical recycling technologies are based on non-selective thermal conversion (pyrolysis). Our goal is to transform polyolefin plastic waste to valuable products via tandem dehydrogenation/metathesis chemistry. We will study the effects of reaction conditions, type of polymers, catalyst preparation to develop this new sustainable process for polyolefin plastic recycling.