Year report

ARC CBBC, as a nationwide public-private initiative in the Netherlands, may be of help to generate some of the necessary breakthroughs. These discoveries can be dissiminated in the form of publications and patents, as well as by directly transferring the knowledge to industry and society. As important are the education of a new generation of chemists, physicists, chemical engineers and materials scientists, skilled to work with these new technologies. This new generation of people will have a long-lasting impact on the Dutch science and technology infrastructure: Their new ideas and skills will create bottom-up sustainable solutions in academia and industry. I fully enjoy to see how our PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and tenure-track assistant professors, fully engage and cooperate in our flagship programs on fundamentals of catalysis, coatings and small molecule activation. We are also well on our way to build unique research infrastructures, located at three hubs at the universities of Groningen, Eindhoven and Utrecht, to perform cutting-edge research. This excitement for new science and technology, fully endorsed by our executive, supervisory and scientific advisory boards, can be noted in this annual ARC CBBC report.

Bert Weckhuysen,
Scientific Director ARC CBBC