21 April 2022

The ARC CBBC Symposium 2022: Greenification in Groningen

The ARC CBBC Symposium 2022: Greenification in Groningen The bright April sun illuminated the majestic Academia building in Groningen: this year’s setting for the ARC CBBC symposium. Guests from all […]

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12 November 2021

Impressie Dag van het Klimaatakkoord; hoe de chemische industrie zichzelf opnieuw uitvindt

Sessie ‘Groene grondstof, groene chemie; duurzame industrie’ De toekomst van de chemische industrie is groen. Daarom werken chemiebedrijven en kennisinstituten samen aan de energie-, materialen- en grondstoffentransitie. De hoogste ambitie: […]

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06 May 2021

The smallest matter: detection of nanoplastics

We all know that plastic waste is a threat to the environment, but did you know that when disposed in the environment plastic waste breaks down to smaller particles? Even […]

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22 April 2021

Reinventing Chemistry Together

PRESS RELEASE   Science, industry and government work together on clean, smart and circular chemical products of the future The next phase of the Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks […]

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15 April 2021

Geef jonge mensen de ruimte om te verdwalen

Interview met professor Ben Feringa . Samen met academische collega’s, maar met ook grote industriële bedrijven, pleit hij voor het gezamenlijk heruitvinden van de chemie. Niet alles hoeft rigoureus op […]

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18 November 2020

Interview with PhD student Lukas Wolzak: using biomass to contribute to a sustainable society

Do you want to know how the use of biomass can contribute to a more sustainable society?  PhD student Lukas Wolzak and Keimpe van den Berg (AkzoNobel) explain the purpose […]

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Earlier articles

ARC CBBC sets the foundation for new chemistry

ARC CBBC is a unique collaboration between leading academic groups and the industry. This national research centre explores sustainable chemical products and processes that will lead to renewable energy use, […]

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A look inside the Utrecht hub with scientific director Bert Weckhuysen

In the latest edition of the Verf&Inkt (Paint&Ink) Magazine, Bert Weckhuysen gives us a look into the lab of the Utrecht hub. That is where part of the research for […]

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