Exploration of non-commodity zeolite frameworks for small molecule activation: acidity, reactivity and coke formation

Zeolites are widely used solid catalysts. Although there are more than 235 zeolite frameworks reported, almost all zeolite-based catalytic processes are performed by a limited number of frameworks; the so-called Big Five (FAU, MFI, FER, MOR and BEA). More recently, SAPO-34 and SSZ-13 with the CHA structure became important catalysts in e.g. methanol-to-hydrocarbon process and selective catalytic reduction of NOx. Since industry wishes to develop more sustainable conversion processes it is crucial to explore the properties of less conventional zeolite frameworks. In this research project, COE-3, COE-4, RUB-39, RUB-41, RUB-50, ZBM-10 and ZBM-11 are investigated as examples of non-commodity zeolite framework structures for small molecule activation processes. To gather detailed physicochemical insights of these materials a wide variety of bulk and local characterization methods will be used, while their performance is studied in the methanol-to-olefins (MTO) process as showcase. The latter allows making comparisons with current MTO catalysts; i.e., ZSM-5 and SAPO-34.