Porous Organic Solids for High-Density Energy Storage in Redox Flow Batteriesect Title

The project focuses on designing a combination of porous solid with redox mediators as a capacity booster for redox flow batteries. Incorporating porous solids is expected to drastically increase the energy density of redox flow batteries while preventing common disadvantages of concentrated, fully liquid electrolytes (like viscosity and lifetime) which reduce system roundtrip efficiency.

Unlike traditional Li-ion batteries, RFBs utilize redox-active materials dissolved in liquid electrolytes, offering enhanced safety, independent scaling of power and capacity, and increased operational flexibility. The focus is on transitioning from critical raw materials to readily available organic redox-active materials incorporated into porous solids. By developing high-density solid charge-storage materials that are charged/discharged using dissolved redox mediators and addressing fundamental scientific challenges, the project aims to overcome limitations in energy density and durability, marking a significant advancement in RFB technology.