Scalable manufacturing of nanostructured, electro-conductive, carbon blacks

Our project aims to improve the wettability of hollow polymer microspheres by means of low temperature deposited nano-coatings.

Affinity of powders with water, oppose to organic solvents, is crucial to phasing out fossil-based products. Many powders are, by their nature, not compatible with water as such due to their chemical surface groups. In our project, we coat the powders with extremely thin layers of SiO­2 or TiO2, providing surface groups which do have a high affinity with water. Due to the thinness of these coatings, in the order of ~10nm, the bulk properties of the powders are not affected, allowing their original benefits to still be utilized. This coating is applied in a fluidized bed reactor, which allows the entire surface area of the powders to become available. The used coating technique, atomic layer deposition, gives high control over coating thickness, as well as great coating uniformity.